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Originally Posted by cbob
BTW - I started out riding WNYERA enduros. Furthest East on our schedule was Speedsville NY, outside of Binghamton. That was a nasty muddy one . . . - c
Yeah, Speedsville Nat'l was a finicky one-
sometimes it would be a mudbath due to summer t-storms;
other years, it was a dry, 8 hour HS.
I earned my B rider points
via a 7th in the under 200 class on my IT175
@ one of those dry years.

There's nothing more intimidating than starting an enduro in a torrential downpour: been there, done that, it's not always fun.
it's interesting that I continued to ride enduros-
'cuz it feels so good when ye stop.'
Well, the rewards are great.

The only, ONLY time I got a 1st, [in my class,] was w/ the IT175,
@ Square Deal's 'Bear Swamp Enduro' 'way back when,
in the dark and distant past, circa '79-'80ish.

[Did any of you attend the short track races at Afton Fairgrounds during the same time period, late 70s-early 80s?
Sometimes they'd get Nat'l Dirt Track riders,
when the ST was the Sat nite before the Syr. Mile.
Gosh, those were the days.]

If I recall, "Brand X," didn't penalize ye for being early-
but then you had to work offa that earlier time/number.
Check me, I may be wrong, it's been a long time.
[Of course, I wasn't savvy/skillfull enuff, back then, to have to worry about that.]

When ye first start riding Enduros, it seems the rule is:
'Ride as fast as you can until you are an hour late.'

Enduros are great fun, a great way to get to ride new trails.
In my 'retirement,' I ride my TW200- if I finish within my time, I'm good-
and the organizing club seems to love it:
"Wow, here comes the guy on the TW!"
Well I ain't doing it for them, I'm doing it for ME.
[In a PA enduro, in coal country,
I was down 39 minutes over a ten mile section,
on my TW -
- but I finished!]

Dog, enduros are fun!!!

Question: how many inmates come to this site/sport from
the off-road racing side?
What kind of crossover, in either direction,
i.e., dirt to adv, or adv to dirt,
is our demographic?
[but that's another thread...]

thanks, Neduro!

"I used to be an adventurer like you; then I took an arrow to the heart."
[advwhiner since 1973]]
"Ride Hard, You can Rest when you Die."- Emmett Watkins, #245, 1958-2005
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