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I did that.
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Bought my '95 model in '96 with 2,000 k's on it.
It has seen all sorts of abuse and some really filthy offroad stuff, and never let me down.
Last year it finally swallowed the standard choke plate (I had the replacement part for 5 yrs but never got around to fitting it.) so I handed it over to a good workshop and got a new piston, rings, rebore, 2 new stainless inlet valves, then new guides, seats recut, all that stuff, and while it was there I got them to straighten the subframe (common problem with abusive owners) and plumb in an XR400 oil cooler, then topped it off with a full staintune exhaust with big bore headers.
It goes real nice. I put heavier springs in the front for the 21 litre acerbis tank and a heavier (11kg) spring in the rear, but the rear should really be a 12kg.
Also, I had the stator rewound and it now supports a hella headlight unit with a 55/100 watt hella globe. Recent additions include Pivot pegz (really cool to ride with) and a screen (old farts luxury). I'm about to ad a KTM folding morror to replace the acerbis pedal bike folding mirror I've been using for the last 10 years.
All up, this bike has been an absolute blast to own and ride, and is a keeper. My first keeper, actually. I love this thing, and hope to be buried with it (not too soon though ).
Strangely, I have not fixed the godawful seat. This remains a mystery to me.

I think my "old" XR600R is superior to many of the new flashy disposa-bikes currently getting around. It will do anything they will, and for longer, just maybe take a touch longer to get there. And that motor! Oh, I love a tractor. Pick a gear and just leave it.

IMHO the XR600R is the best dirt bike ever made. A true all-rounder.
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