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Sunday May 11

The morning skies were dark and gloomy.

It was only 0800 and we were already on the road (read early for us)

And followed this route to cover the 500 km to Salamanca.

Although the clouds were black and menacing, we stayed dry.

Plenty of wind though

The province of Castilla y Leon is of extraordinary beauty, the landscape from Galicia changed from rolling green hills to steep gorges separated by desert like mountainous range, until we reached the plains of central Spain.

Unfortunately the light was not the best to take pics

Another bull, I love these

We are starting to see some olive groves, and the perfumes in the air are also changing. Maybe because it was Sunday, but there was no traffic at all, and we were lucky the rain was holding off.

Storks did seem to mind the weather

Navigating is through city traffic is not a problem. Despite being a real pig when static, ST becomes easy to handle in the narrow coble stone streets, and nimble enough to thread safely as soon as your gather a bit of momentum.

We stayed away from the superslab to better enjoy the landscape, and landed in Salamanca by late afternoon.

Plaza de Espaņa

We entered the city searching for our hostel, and Jackie after taking a quick look gave me the thumbs down. Leave it to Flight Attendants to be able to appropriately gauge, the value you get for your buck for any establishment.

So we ended up here, a got a really good deal on a nice 3 stars.

Shortly after it started to pour, really hard. Perfect I thought, ST needs a rinse anyway.

Squeaky clean

Salamanca is a one of the oldest university city of Europe and is alive with people of all ages. A much younger crowd than in Oviedo.

People were much taller back in those days

The cathedral was majestic but it will have to take second place behind Santiago de Compostella.

Here are a few

The nave was very impressive, see how small people look next to the columns

Jackie was tired, she kept on saying come on Valentino why don't you go get ST while I guard this bench

Ole Torro

Valentino was happy again, we found ham

I will let you delight in the pictures, but Salamanca was truly beautiful. We have learned more about the customs of Spain.

Although the streets were practically deserted for most of the day, apart from a few wandering tourists,

Where did everybody go

After resting for a few hours we left our hotel, the Rona Dalba, to return to the streets where we were greeted by crowds of Spaniards doing their Sunday evening walk, (El Paseo del Domingo)

There's everybody


And here

Meeting for caņa y pinchos (cold beer on tap and individual appetizers).
Two beers and two pinchos will set you back €3,40. So far anyways, Salamanca takes the palm... at least for tapas.

Plaza de Espaņa by night

Tomorrow we head for Madrid, the capital and a visit at the museo Del Prado....
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