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Day #3 (Pre-Ride) (Part-One)

Day three RM220 to RM350 (Flat tire day): Dean and I rode back up to RM220 and waited for the guys who had stopped for fuel and water. After everyone was back on the ground and ready, we took off and blaze of glory across the dry lake, hitting top speed in short order and pinning it all the way. It’s really a sight to look over your shoulder at a dust wake rising off the rear tire to over 20-feet into the air. After a few minutes of this I swung a big loop out into the lake and video taped the other three go past, then settled into the sweep position again for the day.

Soon after getting partway across the lake it turned south back towards the mountains and we were greeted by the beach, well not really but the sand and sand dunes reminded me of beaches; deep soft powdery sand.

This turned into a hard pack dirt rocky road, which eventually turned into this black, course sand, almost like coal. The bikes really sank into this and it was difficult to maintain direction without allot of body control and throttle. Scattered about were sharp-edged rocks and the arroyos again, where you drop in, climb out and there was cactus and scrub brush dotting the sides of the trail. I found Danno once just having picked up the bike in sharp descending corner that caught him off-guard. Shortly after that we came upon Deano who stopped after an arroyo (bike in trail) and sitting in the shade.


Dean had parked his bike Baja style (burying the back tire) and was walking towards him.

Nothing serious, just the first flat tire we had had so far. It was mid-day and hot, so I think he was just looking for a place to change it.

We got to work changing the flat front and being tired and hot led us to pinching the first try.

We then patched that tube, waited for it to dry and then were more careful to get it done right. Holding air and mounted up, we got under way again. This lasted about 20-minutes, Dean and Danno, were gone upfront and Deano and I stopped to repair the second flat of the day.

The patch or the glue didn’t work so we opted for the last new tube carried. Deano and I were real careful to install everything right, but in the conditions we still managed to pinch the tube with the short tire-irons. I tried to call ahead and let them know what we were working on, as we only had about 20-miles to go to get to RM280 “Borego Pits”. Dean worked on the tire after we patched it and made sure everything was good, (this was now two flats requiring four attempts to fix) then we got it all back together again and headed off. Deano is riding much better now than the first day, and I unfortunately had my head up my arse. Remember that get in the zone, stop and wait to get back in the zone, well? I wasn’t paying enough attention and although I was riding quite fast and carving the sandy turns through this canyon, I wasn’t looking for the big ass rocks. As I entered this little canyon of boulders I miss read the turn, went over a big rock the rear kicked up and front nose-dived into the sand, and I launched myself over the bars endo style into the gravel. My leg caught my GPS, rotated it fully forward on the mount, and bent some of the substructure. Later I found out I also pinched the power wire and it was running on battery, well shit. It was getting to be a long day and we had only gone 30-35 miles. Towards the end of this run, the course began to go up and down some rather large ridgelines and into the washes below. One particular hill climb was this badly whooped out rocky hill and as I was climbing up it, weight forward, steady on the throttle and rolling the whoops I got center punched in the groin (pelvic – pubic bone) by my GPS, ouch, that hurt like hell for a week afterwards. We got to the top and another climb like this one and then we were descending into the Borego Pits area. The team was there and offered us cold water and some snacks, and I had to get out the first-aid-kit and doctor up Deano’s hands from the blisters. I think he really likes “New-Skin” antiseptic (there was a picture of it somewhere on here) These 50-miles we were going to bypass turned out to be much more difficult than anything we had done, so we were all glad we did it. If anything it builds character and flat tire changing experience.

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