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Cry Returning the States - Temporarily

Emergency medical departure: After getting back to La Bufadora and making sure everything was okay, it was late enough in the day that departing for the border was not a recommended option and my wife needed to rest more. We made plans to depart first thing in the morning (on Sunday) and follow Mike and Judy up to the Tijuana border crossing as they had an Emergency Medical lane and I had no idea where to find it. Mike was going up anyway to pick up Judy’s daughter. I packed up everything my wife owned or needed because she might not be coming back, hell, I didn’t know if I would be coming back. We also, decided to bring Austin and his broken bike back to States so he could get it fixed and pick up Noah. We departed at 8-O’Clock in the morning and headed North to the U.S. Getting to the border was easy, although Mike and Judy got a thorough search at one of the military check points. They waved the race support (looking) truck through the bypass lane, but since Mike drives a nice large SUV that was dirty, it met the requirements for a drug-running vehicle. Arriving at the border Mike showed me the EVAC lane and I pulled into it. The Mexican official asked me some questions, and I explained that my wife needed to see a doctor and we were going to a hospital. We showed him the papers from the doctor she had seen the day before. He asked me for a card or some other piece of paperwork that I did not have. Said some other things and pointed me towards a hospital looking building back in town. I said no, in America, and then he directed me through the gate and down the lane (the lane Mike had just drove down) telling me turn right, turn left and follow the road signs to San Diego. Well, that landed us about five vehicles behind Mike and Judy, shit. It took us almost three-hours or to get through the border, and my kid was going crazy, Austin did a great job of keeping him busy, as my wife was about to scream at someone. It was boiling outside and I was trying to keep everyone comfortable, until the A/C started to struggle with the high engine temperatures, I had to start shutting off the truck and the A/C, and restart just to move forward a half car length. If you didn’t do that someone would cut in front, thinking they might get somewhere faster, that did not happen. Six lanes of traffic, crossing back into the country of fear, they were broadcasting on a big screen TV that out of >700,000 people that legally cross the border everyday, they had apprehended 1200 people with outstanding arrest warrants this year, WOW, this was November already, what a f*cking waste of resources. Moreover, they were proud of it, as if they were defeating terrorism or something. I believe the Coast Guard intercepts more tonnage of drugs monthly, than the U.S. Border Patrol had confiscated all year, but hey what am I paying my taxes for if not to be treated like a criminal for visiting Mexico? It was frustrating to say the least, but the local’s handle it well, walking up and down the line of cars selling everything from souvenirs and blankets, to ice cream and food – even the prepared in the middle of the road cooking cart: Taco Pescado anyone? We finally arrived at the border and answered the usual questions, NO! We got Austin dropped off at the bike shop and then made way for the Navel Base Hospital, which I was told was on Coronado, it wasn’t. My wife began bleeding again, and I should have just stopped in the road, called 911, and had an ambulance find me. After some quick questions of the gate guard at the SEAL (Special Navel Warfare Center) compound, we were going over the bridge to San Diego and Balboa Park. The rest of this not really Mexico or race related, but suffice to say showing up the Navel Base ER on Sunday was an experience in frustration and problem solving 101. They took care of my wife and said that everything was and should be OK, even that she could return to Mexico if she wanted, but needed to rest as much as possible. (Four-hours in the ER.) Funny thing happened on the way to my brother’s house. They prescribed her Vicoden for pain relief and that you could take it on a full or empty stomach – HA , my wife almost never takes anything stronger than one (half dose) of Tylenol and she took one of these 500mg capsules right after we left the hospital. 10-minutes later I’m rushing down the highway looking for a place to buy some food before my wife gets so stoned she can’t breath…we were between Escondido and Temecula there is nothing there… I knew this wouldn’t kill her, but it was interesting listening to her describe being high and loopy. We stopped at Carl’s Jr. and got some food in Temecula and continued to my Brother’s house in Riverside. This being the second time through here now, the first was bad enough for my son who developed a severe allergy to something in the house. This time it was worse, he couldn’t breath, his face flushed and swelled up red, and his eyes would drive him into fits of crying and screaming. At 3:00 AM I had had enough and carried him out into the cab of the truck and cradled him to sleep, after the wheezy crying stopped he fell asleep, I placed him in his child seat and covered him up with the only blanket. I slept in the passenger seat until my wife and sister-in-law came to get my son. Apparently, my niece came out to leave for work at 05:45 or so and went back in the house to tell her mom, that Uncle Russell’s sleeping in his truck. My wife and kid then went to sleep in her room, and I got some much needed sleep back on the sofa. After a few discussions, we decided to leave for Mexico at the earliest possible time, and prepared to accomplish this. It was mid-afternoon, and I just wanted to be south of Tijuana before the sun went down. That we did. Picture taken just North of Rosarito (Islas Coronados)

I hope that sharing this with you all wasn’t too personal, but I wanted to express the enormity of the emotions and personal hardships that come with racing and racing the Baja 1000. This may be a once in a lifetime event for me, the financial costs and time now pale in comparison with the emotional triumphs and heartaches that came with all that has happened. My wife and I are very appreciative of the heartfelt warmth and consolations sent to us by all of you and those we have met along the way. Thank you. We lost the new baby long before the journey began, she was pregnant for 12-weeks, but the baby never made it past 5-weeks. It is all for the better, and we have been blessed with one miracle already – and he’s a handful.

Next we get back to riding motorcycles.

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