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Originally Posted by GISkev
The book says to pull your left side case and spin to Top Dead Center with a wrench to line the "T" up with the "notch", but there's a nice little hex plug that you can take out to see the "T"... is it ok to put the bike up on a stand and instead of spinning to TDC with a wrench, just spin the wheel in gear to line up and then adjust the valves? Seems reasonable (and a lot easier) than pulling the side cover off.
are you going to do valve adjustments?

I've had good results like you described ...better with the wheel than with the kickstarter, I find the kickstarter has a tendency to make the flywheel bounce backwards at time and not be as smooth and if you have a stock cam the autodecompressor will engage causing your valve adjustments to be off. So make sure its a constant slow movement to TDC and I think you should be fine!
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