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Originally Posted by GISkev
what about a Procom aftermarket high performance CDI Box/ Rev. Kit/ Igniter.

Worth having?

also, what's "reasonable" valve adjustment schedule? book says 600 miles. ya, right... I was thinking i'd do 'em every time i put a new back tire on.
Not familiar with the aftermarket CDI but as far as the valve adjustment goes I'd at least check it per recommendations or ...every couple of months (depending on how much you ride a month), with these valves known for sinking into the soft head its major problems if it gets away from you. Its < 10 min process if the tank is already off. I check mine every oil change and sometimes more often because I have my tank off frequently just tinkering and its so easy to pop the covers and rotate to TDC and slip a gauge under...usually it doesn't require adjusting and I throw it back together! So I know you don't want to hear it and it is your bike so the ultimate decision is yours but they recommend 600 miles for a reason. Better than the CRF which requires it like every few riding hours! Just my opinon.
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