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Thanks Again

Originally Posted by XR650Rking
You did fine, and I followed you I just never thought of a PCV valve limiting oil blow by since it would be in suspension in the air? But I'm not saying you are wrong just haven't thought of it for limiting oil loss? for a cheap piece I don't think it could hurt anything.

I did 700 miles in one weekend and didn't notice any oil volume loss. I have heard about these piggies loosing oil as well but understood it to coincide with hard accelerations and such (I've noticed it more after a few weekends of offroad only riding) but I haven't ridden a consistent 1000 miles in under 24hrs, I'd think consistent speeds should limit oil loss but let us know how it goes!
Cool on the not losing oil in 700 miles, I think I should be good ( because it is a Honda) just thinking out of the box.

Thanks again for your feed back, I may look into this to see if they even make one.

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