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Originally Posted by badcooky
GIS kev the xr400 CDI bolts straight on and gives 2 more advance from idle about the same all in advance but revs to 9500 or so where the stocker revs to 8300.
In the USA you have to get the same box as the 96 model as it's got the full 2 degrees at idle.
I just found one of these but now I'm having second thoughts (it hasn't arrived yet) Because I have to imagine the factory set it at 8300 for a reason and my machine shop frowns against it. He says if I'm bouncing off the rev limiter I need to gear it higher and that even at 8300 its already past its power band? Next he tries to scare me talking about the heavyness of the rotating assembly and that it doesn't need to rotate any faster or it will add more stress and something will give or wear faster...? HELP? what do ya'll think? I'd love to have the timing advance but I bought it because when I'm getting on it it seems to be pulling strong till it hits the rev-limiter? I'm glad someone brought this up!

There is a fellow on ThumperTalk that has been running one with good results but he is supermotard as well was running a lighter flywheel for quicker revs! I think he's more for track and performance than XR durability?

Any input is appreciated!

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