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Originally Posted by kenaroo
just check the obvious and for subframe cracks at the top of the back bone and sides, right footpeg bolts, these bikes are really bullet proof. but hopefully the previous owner change oil and filters regularly. that's the only thing with used bikes is hard to tell is the PO's maintance habits..
in the US all 2000-2007 are the same bike and I believe in the UK the motor and such are the same but ya'll have some other options we don't like street legal and such and I don't know about when those options are available.

Physical wear is about all you can check unless the PO will let you tear into it?

We can give you a list of things which these bikes are known to need so you can feel out the PO, I'll start and others chime in;

...has the fork oil ever been changed?
...stearing stem greased?
...(if its 2000 or 2001) clutch bushing been replaced?
...valve adjustment intervals, if ever?

Once you get it home We can fill your head with minor things to check into...

Keep us posted on what you found!
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