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Originally Posted by AJ..
Hey man...thanks for the reply..

So,by putting the XR400R CDI year 96-97 with this part no..070000-2650 ,it will boost up my XR650R..wooohoo...superb...i will go down to the Honda sub-agent for this part...and check out how much it will cost...and will try borrow the CDI from some friends who rides the 96-97 XR4 and give it a test...
Thanks guys...great info.
Just to clarify...its not a Honda Part number its the Denso Model Number thats ON the CDI...its the Number that most sellers on Ebay have since its written on the CDI.

There are two HOnda Part Numbers for the CDI, 30410-KCY-671 (for $137.** at and 30410-KCY-761 (for $97.**) but for all the model years they list them both so I don't know which part number is the earlier one (I'd have to assume the one ending in 671 since it comes before 761??????)

But go to ought to be able to score one for ~$50-60 before shipping...just make sure you have the correct year/Denso # written on it.

Sorry for the Confusion.

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