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Originally Posted by kawidual
Have 2 sets of rims/tires for the 400 so I might fend off boredom for a little while.
I know the 950 SE might be overkill there, but Id like to have something
with a little more power for 2up stuff and running up & over the mountain.
The 690 enduro is another option, toss up, but wont be quite as nice for 2up.

My pups are shep/dobbie mix, and my buddy is bringing over his lab.
Know of any dog parks? I think almost all beaches are off limits to dogs, or am I wrong?
No dog parks, you won't need them there is a leash law though but there are sooo many places to go where nobody will give a ratz butt (mainly in town is where people care).

Saddle Road has been neutered a bit after taking out more twisties concur the 950 would make that route a breeze, they just blessed another 9 miles of road this morning, the west side is still rough and twisty and from 6 to 19 miles is still twisty but more fun on a sportbike. OTOH there are tons of narrow twisty roads south of Kona, most running from the HWY to the shore are pretty sweet.

Originally Posted by Rascus
If your son is stationed at Schofield you may want to try "the inn" he should be able to get you reservations up there.
IIRC: The Inn is a bit of a dive, granted it's fairly new but it's in the middle of the Post and for the $$$ you'd be better off in a more touristy kind of place down in Waikiki. The Hale Koa is in an awesome location as far as Waikiki goes we used to park down there and surf Kaiser's during the summer in the "Small kid days" well high school and college kid days...

Originally Posted by motogon
I was right planning to bring to Maui Cagiva Gran Canyon (for daily commute) and Husky TE510.
510 should cover most bases, there is some gnarly single track over there that is mainly Two Stroke country though.

SPAM Musubi... I just bought a dozen fresh ones for the crew that was setting up the tent, seats, tables, etc. for the Saddle Rd. Blessing this morn. Dats sum gud stuffs!!!!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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