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Originally Posted by BARB
...That's interesting you put a raven on the top. There has been a raven hanging out on top of my tallest sign lately. Barb
That is considered good luck in some circles. Feed 'em! I do sometimes.
There was one hangin about the other day when I was there. I had just fed one of his cousins.
That Raven needed to be there at the top, I stick 'em in pix fairly often.

I have taken lots of pix of Ravens, hard to get a good one, and still do not have what I want. Wary critters. I always watch them, they do some pretty interesting stuff. Love to watch them do their acrobatic flying.
Raven, "The brains of the bird kingdom." Wish I had the vid of one that swoops down on a snowmachine, whips open a Velcro flap on the back of the seat, grabs a sandwich in a baggie, & is gone. Must have taken him all of 1.5 seconds, if that.

Some of them get pretty big. ......

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