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Originally Posted by Mudmover
Funnily enough Ken, here in the UK dealers that are franchised for KTM are not allowed to sell Beta.........Thats not official but I very much doubt anyone can prove me wrong...KTM are very protective of their line...

Dealers will always side with Orange due to popularity - I believe this to be a major issue why they ( Beta)have not been more successful here in the UK...

Sounds like you had a good deal all the same.....Wonder how much he'd charge to DHL to UK
Yeah.. the dealer is one of the largest in sales for KTMs in the states and owns the popular KTM forum. they were really great with their service. but I'm sure KTM had something to do with it too.

I haven't gotten around to getting insurance .. so I'm looking forward to dealing getting hasseled by my insurance company.. I'm just going to send them links to american beta so they can get a picture of the bikes.

what does your garage look like

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