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Another Seattle DR650 here. What part of Seattle are you in? I'm near Alki beach.

Your choice of mods is pretty close to mine.
After reading horror stories here and on Thumpertalk about Moose skid plates and it's clones that clamp to the bottom frame tubes, I would recommend against it. If you ride off road you will eventually case a log or rock to get through bad roads. I don't consider myself a radical rider by any means and I have had to drag my bike over a couple things now. There are several stories now of the rear mount bolts on that style skid plate poking holes in the cases and causing oil loss. Watch ebay for old stock Baja Designs DG skid plates or look around for others that mount to the frame bosses further back on the frame.

Here's mine:

Eibach springs
Cogent shock
I have cartridge emultors for the forks that will go on in the next couple months.
Vapor speedo
D606s (great off-road, a bit scary on the slab over 60 or so.) If you get them mounted at a shop, insist that they balance them. I does make a difference. Most will not balance knobbies unless you insist.
Acerbis Rally Pro hand guards and spoilers
DRZ 250 taillight
Baja Designs skid plate off ebay
DJ jet kit
Turbo City rack
I kept the stock exhaust for noise concerns and because I don't want to deal with repacking it.
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