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Originally Posted by brucifer
I love this stuff!
First reply, thanks!

Originally Posted by Fubars
Did you play hell getting the motor out of the frame? I did. Had to remove the clutch cover to get it back in.....
Yes, I should have made a video of myself taking it out, because it must have looked ridiculous! I used a 4x4 to lift the engine, one end on my shoulder and the other on a 5' 6x6 and the engine suspended in between. So with my right hand I was trying to guide the direction the engine was being pulled and keep the 6x6 from falling over and with my left I could hang on to the frame and persuade (violently shake) the engine to free itself. I'll definitely do something different putting it back in.

Originally Posted by eakins
tape off the frame before putting the motor back in so as not to ding it.
Excellent tip, thanks.

Originally Posted by itsforrest
Another Seattle DR650 here. What part of Seattle are you in? I'm near Alki beach.
Nice looking bike. I'm in the Wallingford/Greenlake area.

Originally Posted by itsforrest
Watch ebay for old stock Baja Designs DG skid plates or look around for others that mount to the frame bosses further back on the frame.
I haven't decided if I want a center stand or not. Do the skid plates that extend further back interfere with DualStar center stands?

Originally Posted by itsforrest
Most will not balance knobbies unless you insist.
Good tip, thanks.

Originally Posted by itsforrest
I kept the stock exhaust for noise concerns and because I don't want to deal with repacking it.
I don't want a loud bike either. I hope the 93db with the P4 Powertip is true.

Originally Posted by LukasM
Ah, the memories... Loving the PC color, silver looks much nicer than the normal grey.
Lukas, excellent! Lukas' Ultimate DR650 Adventure build up/ rebuild was a huge inspiration. Thanks, I hope the silver looks as good when it's back together.
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