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"cuddle fest"

twas a cold friday evening.
it was the brightest i've ever seen the moon!!!!
i met up with the other FF's around 7 at the Mill Creek parking lot.
festivities were in high gear!!

"who's the little guy scratchin at our ankles?!?!!"

Sito was having some KTM problems with his clutch, after a bandaid he got a head start to make sure he could shift...
after quenching my thirst, we're off doing Lynx backwards.

kick ass. towards the end(actually the start) of Lynx both creek beds had water. yes, its that time of year !!!!

we all haul ass up 9mile to the Crest. i think it dropped over 10 degrees on the way up to Newcombs.
when we arrive we were met with a few FF's at the bar.
time for some grub and beer/margaritas.

after food and bullshittin , we gear up for a cold ride!
it dropped another 10 degrees. it was no joke in the mid 30's and with riding at 60, i have to thank heated grips !
we went to Monte Cristo Campground to start on Lynx.
we rode to the half way point for a beer break.
luv2race and notmybike had not shown up.
i ride down to check on things thinking of the worst....... they hadn't even left yet. they STILL drinking beers.
on the way up Lynx i was passing Sito in a rocky section of Lynx, and we rubbed shoulders a bit then my bike bounced his way and the next thing i know i was on the ground. launghing !
we end up in the Mill Creek parking lot again for another beer break.

luv2race or luv2blowupthings

we go down to Wzltech Trail and all of us go off the trail in the infamous corner. :lol
once on Aliso Cyn i fucked up twice while just fucking around. the one right hander i was asleep at the wheel. went up on a berm, then kept on going.
beer break at hill climb.

this is what the night really looked goggles

a few of us FF's did the hill climb, i did it, then took up a dare to do the other across the road. ....... i couldn't find it.
we ended up going up Moody Cyn.
no real stories there, just a fun , fast, blurry ride!!!

we did have a beer break at Perspiration Point(piss-eration)

luv2race is ready for cuddle time to begin

at the top on Santa Clara Divide i noticed my temp up in the H .
we had a fast supermoto way down to Angeles Forest Hwy and as more clouds were rolling in it was down right freezing!!!
we parted ways with Cribaby, he parked his party mobile in the Mill Creek parking lot, and the rest of us headed down the hill.
i hit the 210 north as the rest went south to the O.C.
what a ride!!!!
now i just need to fix the radiator....

see you guys at the Xmas party ! ! !
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