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Yikes !!! look what I found.

This should clear things up

I found this in post #11 PA Tag-O-Rama by sparkster 2008-08-14 1:36 AM

Originally Posted by Sparkster
If I may...

The rule about "no file photos" may want to be considered in a certain light: capturing the existing must be ridden, posting the new tag could be done with a file photo. This will allow your game to run much more quickly since it eliminates the wait period while the winner gets a new tag. Waiting could kill interest that otherwise would have remained fixed. Just a thought 'cause that's how we roll in Buckeye Country and it has worked to everyone's advantage.

Good start to the game, PA . Have fun.

If all goes well I maybe swinging through your way for a few days in October.

and here in post #13 PA Tag-O-RAMA by SkyClad on 2008-08-14 8:38 AM

Reply to Sparkster by Skyclad

Originally Posted by Skyclade
Sparkster, your idea certainly has some merit. We will see how it goes for a bit this way first, and figure it out then.

Give me a shout when you are out this way. I can show you around some of the less well known sights in the area.

which may be taken as...
Thanx for the sugestion,(sparkster) but we will cotinue doing the way we have been doing it.(no file photos allowed)

I didn't search real hard for a ruling an this post, but if there was a ruling it should be cut and dry. If not we will have to make a Copamundial Amendment to the file Photo rule rules.

let the Copa tag stand (since he said he will just place the same tag later), Make a specific ruling on file photo (I.e. must be taken takenno moe two day before used.) Which would be imposible to enforce. I think file foto should be out. the only way to know if you are the current tag holder is to get the existing post and repost. therfore how can you take a new Photo till you post the curent tag. A photo taken on the to or from the existing tag is not a file photo since you did ride to get it, and you are gambling that you may be bruced by takeing tyme to save tyme. therefore if you stop to kill to birds with one stone and get bruced you ultimatly faild.My theory is to get the tag and post as quick as possible. Now I know I'm "IT", I can then go place the new tag.

May be we can really complicate thing an make it a treasure hunt. We make up an official PA Tag-O-Rama object. we place the object at a location (same rules). first person to find the object is "IT" (that way we know who got there first and and they cant re-place it till the have it.) once you have the object you must place it by a certian time limt (24 HRS) or lose you turn. Get the object and Photo (of you geting the object) place the object and a get photo (of you placing the object) give clues. If some one loses a turn or object gets stolen we have to make a new object.

Man this is getting coplicated.... Just let it stand
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