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the most points wins right?

we should have a video game / simulator made up to help learn timekeeping!

I myself don't worry much about the time, or what place I come in. It's just fun to tackle the course, or the other way around! I thought the most points wins? Isn't there a trophy for that? I'm usually easy to spot, I'm the guy taking photos along the way! and that really kills any timekeeping, that along with the fact I just can't seem to let a downed rider go without a lending hand of some kind, whether it's pulling someone out of a lake or mud hole, dropping off my tool kit or a tow rope or handing out a gatoraide (i usually carry two or three on my rear fender bag). I remember being helped out in my first several enduros, and that really made an impression, so now, still a beginner, try to help out as I can. In texas, all the events are far apart, which means the terrain varies greatly, and riding all kinds of terrain is what it's all about for me. Not knowing what the next second has in store for you is the spice of running an enduro event! My goal someday is to hit as many enduros around the country as I can possibly do before i die. If there's one way to see the countryside of the us of a, then this is it! If I someday catch on to this time keeping thing, well , that might be fun too ....
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