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11 October, Saturday
Yazd (0 km)

We woke up at 08:00. After meeting with Bulent during breakfast, we made the day's plan. Getting lost in the streets of Yazd.

There are two sides in yazd. We were in the Old City, which is approximately 4000 years old. Mud-bricked buildings are everywhere.
We started the day with Bogheh-ye Sayyed Roknaddin which was closed. So we couldn't get in.

The streets of Yazd is the highlight itself.

Masjed e Jameh
Two 48m-high minarets greets you in this magnificent tiled entrance. It was built for Sayyed Roknaddin in the 15th century.

The tile workmanship in this mosque is exquisite.

Tossing a little tip to the caretaker, we went down to take a look to the qanat system.


It is a system for supplying water for a given location. After locating an underground water source, they dig passageways big enough to crawl all the way to the desired destination. As the whole system is reliant on gravity, the source must be higher than the final destination. Because of the hazards and expense of constructing a qanat, it left its place to the modern technology these days.

After Jameh Mosque we continued to get lost.

These chimney-look structures are called badgirs. Nearly every house has them. They are designed to catch the warm desert winds and direct it to the house after cooling it through its special canals. A natural air-conditioner.

We checked out the coin museum.


It's told that Alexander the Great used this 15. century school as a prison.

We climbed to the roof of an unused medreseh.

Completely lost...

At last we returned to our hotel for a brake. We walked from 09:00 to 14:00. We layed down in the hall till 16:30 and hit the streets again.

We climbed the narrow stairs of Amir Chakmaq Complex.

It was sundown in Yazd.

After getting down a last look at the complex.

We took a melon juice break as always and then it was time for Saheb a Zaman Club.


It's a 1000 year old tradition that incorporates philosophy, ethics and phsycal strenght. Of course it has transformed into a softer state these days and it's more like a traditional gym.

Two guys at a high place plays tombek and sing some poems from Hafez.

This is the rythm and tempo of the workout. The group on the ring does the moves according to this tempo and the leader.

There were 50 - 60 year-old guys at the group and these were really hard workouts.

After zurkhane we went back to the hotel and fell asleep.
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