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So I was working with my wife over the weekend, building a door for a shed we built. One of the boards in the door frame was a bit warped, so I used lap joints, and glued and screwed them, figuring it would flatten out when the glue dried. I needed some weight to work against the warp. AS I looked around the garage, I found the perfect weight: a CB160 engine and gearbox!

Which got me to feeling sad, using that engine as a paperweight instead of blasting up and down the mountains.

SO I decided a little forced progress was needed, to get me back into the restoration mood. Since we had the woodstove going in the garage, I went back out after dinner, and decided to strip and paint t couple minor parts, so I could feel some progress. So I got out the wire wheel and stripped the swingarm and the footpeg bracket, and blew some flat black frame paint on them. That feels better! Progress! (pics to come!)

I plan to go out and finish stripping the frame tonight! The wheels are already cleaned up, and mounted with fresh tires and tubes. Once the frame has a fresh coat of paint, I can re-assemble the swingarm, mount the back wheel, and by the end of the week, it will start looking like a bike again! That should give me the motivation I lacked when the weather was good for riding. Temps are hovering around zero today, so I'm not even slightly tempted to ride!
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