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Glorious Granada

We arrived in Granada early in the afternoon, the weather was perfect for riding and ST hardly used half a tank to cover the 267 km that separated us from Sevilla.

Again as you can see the roads were really busy.

What a beautiful ride it was.

Jackie is really starting to get the hang of taking high speed pics.

Some nice landscapes -olive threes galore-

And really cool shots.

We are now in the south and really, really enjoying it. Leaving from Amsterdam at the end of April was a bit early in the season to be riding with mesh jackets, but we are now loving it. Hopefully we will not pay for it too dearly on our way back north following the Mediterranean coast.

Our first view of Granada.

We are now on the habit of stopping just before entering our destination and plotting the address of our next dwelling in GP, so far it has not fail, really easy. Gotta love technology, might not be the same if we were traveling in rural Africa but for Europe it is as easy as it is back home.

So we found this place, it was actually a back-lane but look at the intricate design on the street.

Our hostel Costa Azul was well located in the busy university neighborhood, and just walking distance from all the sights, and a short hike up the old town. Granada felt like the youngest city we visited yet. Buzzing with the sounds of zooming scooters, and decorated with all sorts of graffitis claiming justice for this, and justice for that.

It was not until we made our way to the Albaicín, a hill located on the right bank of the river Darro containing the old city, that we felt transported to Granada’s unique world: the site of the ancient city of Elvira, so-called before the Zirid Moors renamed it Granada in the 8th century. Granada remained under Arabic rule until the end of the 15th century when Isabel de Castille and Ferdinand d’Aragon reclaimed it for the Christians.

Of course the cathedral leaves nothing to be desired.

It’s history is actually quite old, prehistoric settlements have been uncovered from the city’s underground, before the Moors it was a Celtic settlement who traded with the Phoenicians, then the Roman city of Ilibris, until the Moors gave it its current name.

The flora is definitely changing cacti abound everywhere.

With Salamanca and Compostela it is one of the 3 most coveted cities in Spain in which to study.

Yes yes trust me I know where to go.

See I told you we'd make it.

It was a pleasure to stroll through the Moroccan neighborhood, albeit touristy, the shops were colorful and selling all kinds of knickknacks from the Maghreb. Lots of cool typical eateries, it was great fun.

The canvas over the streets are there to protect you from both the sun and the rain.

La Lechera (milk bearer).

Typical southern Spain architecture.

The city was getting ready for semana sentima.

Tea vendors just outside of the cathedral.

Plaza del Torro.

Then we found this place.

And Valentino got some ham once again

At night the city was just as pretty.

Where is everybody going?

Perfect another free outdoor concert and time for cañas

Wow! Today was a full day, time to catch some ZZZZZs.

Tomorrow we visit the Alhambra.

Just a tease...

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