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wow...this freaks me out....

Originally Posted by pnoman
Enterprise (pop 939) is located along Rt 19 north of Shinnston, just south of the Marion County line. Click here for Wikipedia information.

Rt 19 north of Clarksburg is a pleasant ride, but can be interrupted by large trucks going slowly (or on your butt - there doesn't seem to be a middle ground) and with lots of hidden entrances and businesses.

Historical Marker. Located along Rt 19 at junction of CR 19-2. I looked for the McIntire Blockhouse for 30 minutes before finally finding one of the 939 habitants of this fine community. He informed me they tore the blockhouse down about 10-15 years ago. Mystery solved.

From the "History of Harrison County" by Henry Haymond:

In May, 1791, as John McIntire and his wife were returning to their home about two miles above the mouth of Bingamon Creek, in what is now Clay District, they passed through the yard of Uriah Ashcraft, and in a short time after Mr. Ashcraft startled by the sudden growling and springing up of one of his dogs, stepped quickly to the door to see what had aroused him. lie had hardly reached the door when he espied an Indian on the outside with his gun presented. Closing and making fast the door, he ascended the stairs that he might better fire on the intruder, and after snapping his gun several times and discovering that there were other Indians in the yard he raised a loud shout to apprise those who were within the sound of his voice that he was surrounded by danger. Upon this the Indians moved off and three brothers of John McIntire coming to his relief they all pursued the trail of the savages.
About a mile from Ashcraft's they came upon the body of John Mclntire tomahawked, stripped and scalped, and concluded that Mrs. McIntire had been taken prisoner. They sent intelligence to Clarksburg.

It was here first ascertained that Mrs. McIntire had been killed, her scalp being found among the things abandoned by the Indians. Her body was afterwards found a short distance from where that of her husband had been previously discovered.

View northbound on Rt 19 at Enterprise. CR 19-2 is about 50 yards north and to the right.

7 generations back, on my mothers side, originally emmigrating from Canada into Ohio (not sure if he came to Canada from Scottland/Ireland prior) was a John Mc Intire.... he, along with 4 other families settled in the north coast of Ohio at the time, and gave name to this region as "The Black Swamp".
The land was all divided up, I believe from Toledo, to Geneva, and over the years was sold off. The last of many individual parcels/properties were sold off by my mothers father, again a John McIntire, which included land from Trumbull in the north, to Mesopotamia in the south, and from Montville on the west, to New Lyme on the area encompasing almost 200 sq miles, granted it was not all his, but a major portion still remained in the family to be sold off. He was an inventor, engineer (as was the first John I speak of) , and lived a very fruglal simple life, those acres sold for mere pennies. I do not have the original book in my posession currently, I returned it to my sister for safe keeping, but there was a book written documenting the history of these 4 families entitled "The four Families of The Black Swamp". The only other family name that comes to mind was the Caldwell family (who made their way south in Ohio, settling and originating a city of that name). I do not recall John's demise in the book, but I must admit it was pretty boring reading for me as a child (ahh what we find now to be valuable...) but there was a sepia toned photograph stuck in the book, with his and his wifes names and a date on the back.. again, I don't recall the date, but I am sure it was circa this similar time period.
Creepy part #2, his wife was an Indian squaw, big head, very gnarly looking, and he was a tall man in his 50's (I would suppose) , as he was sporting a full head of white hair, and awesome monsterous mutton chop sideburns.... I was always so impressed by that look that I grew mine in the same manner in my senior year of high school, and when I got flack for it, I brought the photo in and handed it to them, explaining it was a family thing...

I will have to get my hands on this book, and find out if it relates to the same person... hmmmm small world.
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