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La Alhambra

Granada is above all known for one of the most brilliant jewels of universal architecture that is La Alhambra.

A series of palaces and gardens built under the Nazari Dynasty in the 14th Century.

Part of the city wall is still standing.

This mighty compound of buildings includes the summer palace called Generalife, with its fountains and gardens, it towers at the top of the city, standing at the foot of Spain's highest mountain range.

The Sierra Nevada.

You could see your enemies from far and wide.

Visiting the site was however IMHO very poorly managed, como se dice: un poco a lobirlongo.

The site opens at 0800 but we needed to stand in line for tickets as early as 0700, so we were there waiting in line with only 4 booths open for several hundred tourists waiting to get in.

The thing is we had to wait if we wanted tickets for the same day visit.

We where lucky enough to get tickets for the morning visits, only available for the first thousand, including reservations(the thing is you don't know while your waiting when that thousand if reached). So by 0845 we had our tickets, but with a scheduled time of 1300 for the Palace visit, which meant that even if we took 3 hours for visiting the grounds we would still have at least another good hour to wait.

The whole thing was a bit odd, but what can you do the further south you get, anywhere in the world, the more may I say disorganized life gets.

"Eh iss okay wee got notheen bot time" .

The gardens were magnificent.

Gotta smell the roses.

And make sure you don't get lost in the maze.

Or you just might end up here.

But I like better the view from here.

Nice crib.

Wow! Who does your ceilings? I'd like to make an appointment.

Just let me rest 5 minutes please.

There is so much more to see.

At the end of the day the visit was well worth the wait.

And a view from this side.

And that one.

One of the courtyards, were the serfs use to live.

Last one of the city.

We were sure glad we found this place.

By now Jackie was thirsty, Dos Caņas por favor.

What a day this had been, we revised our packing strategy a bit, and sent some of the stuff we had not used yet and did not think we would at a friends place in Paris.

Jackie and Valentino are shedding some weight.

Granada is your last southern Spanish stop, tomorrow we head north along the coast to Barcelona with at least a 1000 km to go.

Its about time we got some ridding done.
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