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12 October, Sunday
Yazd - Taft - Surmaq - Persepolis - Marv Dasht - Shiraz (459 km)

It's been a rule to wake up at 05:00 on the riding days. Since we sleep early, it was not so hard and the body gets used to it.
It was so cold in the morning, thanks to the desert climate. We got warm after hours the sun came up.
We stopped to shop for nun (a tortilla-like thing they eat as bread), cheese, cream chocolate and fruit juice. When we found a good spot, we had our breakfast on the side of the road. You cannot find a restaurant so early and this is the fastest and more enjoyable way to eat.

After breakfast we picked up a good tempo and got close to Persepolis. During riding, a car passed me and the driver was waving frantically and wanted us to stop. I was thinking "There goes another adventure."
He came near me laughing "slow slow, inar yeyin". All this because he wanted us to have some pomegranates.


It's the biggest heritage from the Achaemenid Empire. Monumental staricases, exquisite reliefs and imposing gateways gives you an idea of how great this city was.
It is Persian in ideology and design, but truly international in its superb architechture and artictic execution.
Persepolis remains as the greatest surviving masterpiece of the ancient Near Eastern civilisations.
It was built by Darius I after he took the throne in 518 BC. It has been home to various kings for about 150 years. Finally, Alexander The Great burned it to the ground.
The ancient city was lost til 1930s. Extensive excavations revealed its glories once again.

If you are planning to visit Persepolis don't forget your hat, because there are little shadow. It was even too hot in october, so i can't imagine the heat from may to september.

The rock-hewn tombs of Artaxerxes II and III was a long way up, so i couldn't climb and waited Mete at the cafeteria.

After Persepolis, there were 60 kms left to Shiraz. There were road constructions in the city, so it was hard to find the Hotel Anvari. Hotel was not good but "110 Hamburgers" across the street was a treat.
After a little rest and some wandering around we went to Darvazeh-ye Quran for some great views, tea and qalyan.

We were hungry again and through the Vakil Bazaar we found the Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant.

Before sleep i took a shot of 50 EUR worth of Rials. These are the biggest banknotes.

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