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Wirewrkr is correct on the stiffer spring. This calls for more DETAILS!!!!

Ahem. Listen up This regards points and condenser for 1979-80 points style beancan ignition only!

Bosch number 01011 for the points denotes softer spring, greater swing of the points arm, and fibrous material tab that rides on the lobed cam. Comes from VW type 009 distributor.

Bosch number 01030 for the points denotes stiffer spring, less swing of the points arm, and plastic tab that rides the lobed cam and stripes on the wires denoting the nickname "tigertail". It was the high performance points for higher rpm VW type 009 distributor.

Bosch number 02093 (***SEE PART UPDATE BELOW***) for the condensor is also used in
BMW2002(1975 - 1976)
BMW320I(1977 - 1979)
VOLVO142 GL1974
VOLVO144 GL1974

All 3 can be bought from the same place here:

Also, here's a pic of the old and the new.
Top left is the condensor as they come from BMW. German made. Top right is the brazil part that you get nowadays.

Bottom left is the striped "tiger tail" points. Spring is stiffer. Bottom right spring isn't as stiff, but the throw of the pivot arm is almost twice that of the striped one, and the bracket material that rides the cam is different as I mentioned above.

NEWS FLASH!!! Condenser 02093 has been discontinued by Bosch. Alternate part numbers developing. They're still on shelves, so info above is correct. Alternate Bosch condenser number is 02086. It has a longer wire lead, but I believe will work the same. Still not verified!!!

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