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Lap of Oman for Mary 2008 - Day 2

Day 2 – Mahoot to Shelim (650Km) 5th December 2008

The ride would take us on to Al Khaluf Beach, on to the salt flats and then black top and graded roads to Shelim.

Jerry’s bike arrived at 07:30 in Mahoot, we set about busily installing the 16 liter tank. The boys were actually dumbfounded at the punctual arrival of the bike, usually in Oman things never happen when they are promised.

Jerry’s new bike.

We got away at 09:00am. We were rearing to get on to the beach ride. It did not disappoint what a beautiful and stunning beach is Al Khaluf. The entry on to the beach was over some talcum powder white and very, very, very soft dunes. Fists full of throttle the Honda’s were stopping for nothing. We would learn later Bob get’s stuck in the sand a lot Porsche, got stuck in the sand. Heheheh

Jerry & Alan – Al Khaluf Beach

Jerry & Me – Al Khaluf Beach

Three Red Arrows in perfect harmony – No more red & blue racist segregation.

Al Khaluf is one of the most beautiful beaches I have had the pleasure to visit – riding down it was awesome. We enjoyed this glorious experience for about 30K’s.

Out off the beach and into the salt flats, they were stunning, magnificent riding as well.

Al Khaluf Salt Flats

Jerry & Alan Al Khaluf Salt Flats

On the way to Duqum, there really was lots and lots of nothingness around us for a lot of the time riding

Following a stop to answer a call of nature, these happened quite often as we were taking on so much water to keep hydrated. Back on the bikes and then Alan’s bike would not start off the button.

Jerry – “Me no problem” – “It’s Alan this time”

We suspected a problem with the kill switch, off came the tank to see if we were getting a spark – nothing. ECU changed out, nothing, rectifier changed out nothing, bullet connectors split for the kill switch nothing. It was also getting dark.
I actually had a technical laydown while riding round trying to find a GSM signal. Moral of this story is if you only have one brain cell don’t attempt to multitask when riding a bike ‘cos it hurt. On the other hand, no photo not recorded – never happened.

So what did we do? We towed it, or rather Jerry towed Alan and I played ride ahead and spot problems on the road. We towed for around 150K in the dark. By the end of the towing period we were doing a respectable 80 km/hr.

We’d been on the Sat Phone and spoke to the cars, they had made a camp 100km short of Shelim at waypoint 109. After Mr Unluck had cast a bad spell on us, lady luck allowed us to catch the cars in time to break and make camp. Five minutes later they’d have been off road and we’d have been stuffed, left out like tramps to doss on the side of the road. We were greeted in Waypoint 109 with cold beers and yes you’ve guessed it chicken curry, nearly 3 hours later.

Foreplay out the way, Ian asks, did you try kicking it? Three shaking heads, naah. Well one kick and she fired up. Well, we felt right idiots but were glad it was running again. Learning here is don’t call us if your bike won’t start ‘cos we are useless. This event, will go down, I am sure in Oman Dirty Biker History, to be brought up over beer and lies in the future.

Waypoint 109 Camp Beer & Lies Time.

Does this bike gear make me look fat Alan?

Riders with much needed “Red Tins” of re-hydration fluid.

By 22:00 tired boys were tucked up in sleeping bags and dead to the world. Long day tomorrow as we’d have the 100K’s we didn’t do today.

Day 2 Humor & Words of Wisdom

Does it start if you kick it?

Annalise - Dad I thought Porsches were supposed to be good cars?
Daddy Greasby – Well they are but they’re only for rich gits with loads a money, not the car for poor wanna be a rich git blokes, like yer dad.
Annalise - Well if they are so good why do they keep getting stuck in the sand?

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