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Sorry for your loss, but your 'mum' would surely be pleased that you bring. attention to a good cause. THANK YOU for the well expressed and photographed report! You & your ride-mates indeed represent the "Ride the World" ethic.

Oman remains one of those little known places on the planet that I once came to know in a delightful way. And now you fill in some pieces that I long wondered about because my exposure was only from above - back during the 1980's. Always hoped to return and here you are providing a vicarious visit.

In classic aviation lingo, "There I was . . . " in my little jet, flying low level exercises with and against the very professional expat pilots who flew Hunters at the time. For a nearly a week, we were awed by the beauty of the land - most especially as we kicked up sand in the desert and jinked through the waddies you describe. Awesome places that rival our own Grand Canyon.

So I appreciate this chance on bringing that memory back for me since I was way too busy at the time to take any of my own photos.

Do keep the story coming - and don't stop with just one report. Looking forward to reading of more adventures from the Oman Dirty Bikers Club.
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