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Day 5 - Salalah to Ubar 700KM December 8th 2008.

We left out of Salahla at about 09:00am after a great scoff for breakfast. Having reached Salalah we’d be snaking our way up to where Saudi borders Oman and then taking a generally northern direction back to domesticity in Muscat. Today would be a long long riding day, with a fair to middling chance of some of the bikers suffering from monkey butt – those CRF seats are not made for sitting on believe me. We’re off again……….The route out from Salahla would provide some of the most picturesque scenery I have ever seen.

So sit back, relax, I’m gonna transcend you from Salalah to Ubar. Now I bet not many people have ever been to Ubar.

Alan & Jerry just outside of Salahla

Jerry & Alan - What a view!

Soon after these pictures were taken Jerry had the first of many punctures for the return leg home. We actually fixed this one twice as Jerry “nipper” Minor got carried away with the tyre irons and nipped the tube after the first repair. Well practice makes perfect right? Jerry was told “calm down lad yer not eating yer Sunday dinner with them tyre levers!”

Honda drinking in the view while we toiled with tyre irons.

There were many of these road signs. The drivers had to step out of the cars to comply with the driving law. Us law abiding bikers complied 100% of the time as we has very heavy rucksacks and headlights on all the time!

After the puncture repair we got moving again. Our next hurdle would be the Army checkpoint as we were quite close now to the Yemen border. Our anal glands were twitching here a bit ‘cos Jerry had no registration card for his bike and me no number plate. My number plate is probably on some bedo’s mantelpiece in the Wahibas. Al and me though had registration cards and insurance docs.

We were greeted at the checkpoint by a brusque gesture to pull over to the side. We dismounted and removed helmets – best course of action in these situations is to act daft which comes natural to us. Why is it when you meet someone who doesn’t speak English very well, the native English speakers resort to charades and very, very bad non-English?

Oman Army Man: Where your car?
Bikers: (Thinking this was a trick question as red arrows were behind us) Me no car.
Oman Army Man: You no car?
Biker: Me no no car. We ridin motorceeeeecle (miming throttle twist and screwing up faces)
Oman Army Man: Where you go?
Biker: Ubar.
Oman Army Man: Ubar???
Biker: Ubar, Ubar (Biker’s pointing in general direction of Ubar….doah!) Over there Ubar man are ye daft or what?
Oman Army Man: Clearly satisfied pointed to hut, go sign.

So we produces residency cards which were duly entered into the Oman Army Border very huge big log book of everything. We then passed through and bade a good passage by smiles and waves from the Army guys. Done and dusted in 15 mins – sorted!

Through the army checkpoint to head for the goat track down to the beach. We soon catch up with the cars as it took them an hour and a half to get through the army checkpoint. Teheheh

The track down was quite steep and dusty, basically first gear, let the engine break, feathering the back break when necessary and the front if you dare to bleed of any unwanted speed. Jerry’s front brake stopped working at some point so he had lots of excitement on the downward traverse.

A Salalah Gecko Racing Thingy

Camels On the beach

Looking back up to the track we had just ridden down, from this beautiful "camel roaming free beach" I thinks to meself, some people out there never ever get to see stuff like this, or do stuff like this. It's amazing. I felt a right lucky and priviledged git for a moment!

Those loveley tracks.....

tinternet connection is slowing so I'm gonna save this and come back later for the rest of day 5.

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