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Day 5 continued Salalah to Ubar

Back again, to get day 5 finished.

The ride up from the beach was easy because it was black top. It was the route that would take us in the general direction of the Saudi Border. We then hit graded road for the run in to Ubar. This was all fast easy riding. We stopped at a small village on the way to fuel up. Petrol was sold in 10, 20 or 35 litre amounts as that was all that could be measured. It was red as well which complimented the red fairings of the Hondas.

We stopped in this tiny village for our staple diet of Chicken summat or other with curry. Here we were besieged by a gang of children. We were the biggest sensation of 2008 I think, they went mad. The owner of this top notch culinary establishment was not so enthused with the kids. He many times ushered them all out with some animated shouting, I can’t speak Arabic but I bet a months salary it was not “now dear children please go outside and play and let these wonderful motorcycling adventure gentlemen enjoy their meal in peace.”

While we continued eating the kids amused themselves with touching and poking the bikes outside. While they could do no harm I did not want my GPS reprogrammed for the route to Jupiter so I do my best Shrek impression I shouted “Oi GERRROFFFFEEEET” This had the desired effect for a microsecond – kids then resumed poking and prodding with gusto.

Following this meal we had a cvouple of hours of easy fast riding, flat unspectacualr scenery.

Where can you stay overnight for 1 Omani Rial (2USD)?

Well the answer to this pub quiz trivia pearler of a question is Ubar. See education as well as entertainment! What can I say about Ubar – unique, rural, rustic, remote. Before bedding down for the night we went to see the Lost City of Ubar.

Iram of the Pillars (Arabic: إرَم ذات العماد, Iram āt al-`imād), also called Aram, Iram, Irum, Irem, Erum, Ubar, Wabar, or the City of a Thousand Pillars, is a lost city (or region surrounding the lost city) on the Arabian Peninsula. Ubar was mentioned in ancient records, in its Arabic form "Iram", and was spoken of in folk tales as a trading center of the Rub al-Khali Desert in the southern part of the Arabian peninsula. It is estimated that it lasted from about 3000 B.C to the first century A.D. According to legends, it became fabulously wealthy from trade between the coastal regions and the population centers of the Middle-East and Europe. The city became lost to modern history, and was thought to be only a figment of mythical tales.

Jerry having one of his culture moments

So the bikers had a wander round filling their culture glands in the remaining light of the day.

Ubar Petrol Station would be our accommodation for the night. It was ran by a group of Pakistani gentlemen. Facilities comprised of outdoor sleeping arrangements, a shop cum restaurant, cum meeting place, a big drum which served as fuel station. We tanked up when we arrived as we had little confidence of electricity in the morning.

The entrance to the shop cum meeting place cum restaurant. The shop had a very diverse assortment of condiments for sale. From tinned tomatoes to jubilee clips. From razor blades to engine oil and food oil. Cotton ear buds to brake fluid. There were some garish cheep Chinese sunglasses as well. The shop sales director is obviously very in touch with his customers needs.

Even got beds for the bikes in this joint! Red Fuel complimenting Honda Red

Alan claiming his pitch - positivley enthused

Our Curry Cook for the evening

Above my bed. Allan and Jerry opted for the “Bridal Suite” store room as it was blinking cold. Me being a wannabe Honda Hero opted to sleep with the camel spiders and the bikes. I got out Bud Lightyear sheet sleeping bag, sleeping bag and bedded down early with thick blankets.

Day 5 done and dusted. Hope it's still entertaining, until later.

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