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Ruins of St. Georges Church

Located west of Charles Town, WV on Rt 51, north side of the road. Directly north of this sign 100-150 yards lies the ruins of the church. Apparently private property, based on the cable across the drive and the "No Trespassing" signs. It's West Virginia, I can claim illiteracy. Really. I didn't trespass. Just have one hell of a telephoto lens on this cheap camera.

It is obvious that restoration was begun sometime in the last 20 years, based on the condition of the mortar joints. I can find no info on a restoration project.

The "bike-in-the-photo" photo. The picture is not out of focus. Drizzle on the lens.

I did not find much more info on this site other than what stated on the marker.

EDIT: Look a little and learn a lot. I wondered why this Church fell into such a pile of ruble. Like Paul Harvey, this is some of the rest of the story. It is told that a pair of young men of the neighborhood duelled here on the grounds of the church, one duelist mortally wounded. He was carried into the church where he died. He was buried here on the church grounds. No information on the damsel the dual was about. Frequent reports of a figure dressed in white was seen on starlit nights, walking from the church to the grave of the young man shot during the dual. The folks where a little leery of ghosts back in the day. Later, during the War of Northern Aggression, the lead roof of the church was removed and used for ammunition. This allowed water to run into the walls, freeze and thaw and generally wreck the masonry structure. Added to that, rumor had it that treasures had been stashed in the church. Bear in mind that nothing was safe or sacred during the war. Some who gave credence to the rumors tore up the floors and destroyed anything in sight seeking the treasures. The church fell victim to two of the seven deadly sins: Fear and Greed.

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