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Originally Posted by manganos
Well, if you put the money into it and the stock market is low....
Thanks for the info...

Ok, so now on to more important stuff , like is anyone else playing Fallout 3? I have it for the PS3 and I'm pissed that new content is only coming out for the Xbox 360 apparently...

Also, got some 'lobster claw' rain mitts from Ultimate cycle. Seems to work well, though its hard to pull my jacket sleeve over the mitts (with the mitts on) so the rain will run down and over them. Suggestions?

Any recommendations for a spray or other device to keep my sunglasses from fogging up so bad?. Tried some 'anti-fog' spray and it did jack.

Any forthcoming news about the next Richmond get-together???

Gee its nice to be able to blather on and on, and to quote Cycletech "say whatever
the F* I want." That was a classic...LOL.
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