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This is commonplace now, but I have to imagine that I saw one of the first...

~~~ wavy lines as we travel 20 years into the past ~~~

Let me set the scene:

It's 1988. Amarillo, Texas. 3:00 am. Tired, looking for a cheap motel.

I pull up at a light to the left of a large Oldsmobuick.

There's a small TV on dash, pointed at the driver. A giant VCR is sitting on the seat (remember videotape?) mounted in a wooden rack to keep it level.

Naturally, there's a hardcore porno on the screen. Hetero.

The driver is watching the porno raptly, sweating slightly. Fortunately, both hands are gripping the wheel tightly. He's in the zone.

The light turns green, I ease away quietly. A couple of blocks later, I look back and he's still sitting at the same light. I can still see the faint blue flickering light of the porno as I re-enter the highway and try a couple of exits further west.


Mobile porno is almost common now that you can buy a DVD player the size of a large sandwich in any Wal*Mart.

But think about 20 years ago -- this guy had the dedication, forethought, and skill to figure out how to mount and power a tube-based TV and a large VCR in his car.

All so he could drive around Amarillo at 3:00 am and watch porn. In his car.

Pioneering mobile pervert, I salute you.
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