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Hey Rene,

Reading your RR was a perfect way to spend the day yesterday. We had Winnipeg weather here in Rochester (as you may recall, I know whereof I speak). We had 12" of snow and high winds. But I got to stay in my cozy den and travel through Europe thanks to you and your RR.

God I love Europe!! France in particular has become my favorite country in the world: Paris, the Alps, the Dordogne, it goes on forever and you can find whatever you love. Lucky for me my brother has a place in the south in a small town just outside Beziers. It's only a few hours from there to Barcelona and now you have me aching to see that city and more of Spain. (As an aside, did you happen to learn some of the history of the Cathars from that part of southern France and Spain? A fascinating but very sad story. They were a heretical religion - not too bright I think. "Let's see, why don't we follow a religion that is opposed to the Catholic Church AND the Feudal System - that will win us some powerful friends!" They were wiped out in a series of crusades and the Inquisition actually began as an effort to weed out remaining Cathar faithful. I never learned any of this until I visited the region.)

Anyhow, I'm loving this report, learning lots of things as I read, and finding new "must visit" places.

When will you be moving and able to say "Winnipeg is a great place to be from!"??

Thanks a bunch and have a happy holiday!

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