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Talking From Winnipeg soon

Hey RW,

You are very right when saying you can find whatever you love, in my mind Europe has it all -the good and the bad- great natural beauty and extraordinary man made artifacts, bundled in a very civilized package. Plus as another inmate posts in his signature block ''traveling is extremely detrimental to prejudice''.

We could have opted to spend more time in France, but had to make some tough choices, on where to go, next posts I'll take the RR through La Camargue and La cote d'Azur.

I know about those crazy Cathars, maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the end it turnout to be little more than another Jim Jones Guyana/Waco type endeavor, this time with a middle age flavor.

I know I am vulgarizing, but sometimes you have to do what makes sense and pick your battles.

We are or will be able to say ''From Winnipeg'' very soon, I start my new job in Victoria, BC at the beginning of February.

Can you say: ride your motorbike all year long yeahhhh!
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