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I started riding bikes on hard roads in 1972, but never liked the feel since the day I got my first bike, on the way home from the dealers, sitting at a light, the guy that pulled up next to me on a Honda 750 got rear ended RIGHT NEXT TO ME, dragged 100 feet down the road and died in front of me...(didn't know him... just out on the same road...)....
I digress....... stuck to dirt on my Yammi 360 enduro for a long time, and only hit roads for necessity getting to and from work and places I rode in the dirt till I got my Z in 1978.
I had a small group of pals that would go up to Pa., Allegheny nat For. near Kinzua/Kane/Redbridge/Westline area, and began riding on what became The Meade Run bike trail, we basically cut that mega hard roads, very few dirt roads, just cross country on enduros and full blown MX'rs.
We did this till 1980 when 3 wheelers became obnoxiously present and ruined the trail system, also causing lots of this area to become off limits to any bikes. Afew years later around the early 80's when we began to return there more areas were shut off for access because the Kwuds moved in, totally Quadruppling the width of the trails which really were only single track in the beginning, and caused so much damage to the trail system they shut off 80% of it. They also brought the heat down on us clandestine 2 wheelers, and everywhere we went on a fire rooad, we got stopped for Forrestry service bike inspections.... license, lights, plates, registrations, and even operational saftey checks.... really got sucky geting hit up like that 4 or five time A DAY.... What used to be 3 days of fun for us in the mountains, covering 150 miles off road, never seeing a soul or riding the same spot during the weekend became like doing laps in your front yard... all due to the K-Wad abuse of the system..
Now I have them running up and down my road (private) all wasted on beers, kicking up dust back and forth, no baffles, shorts and tee shirts...helmet, fugggetaboutit.... and the cops won't enforce any law because it's a private road....and they were'nt riding a licensable vehical, therefore no moving violation...yet they told me I could get a ticket, and even go to JAIL if I did that in my truck....F-ME!
Then I go hunting and all the lazy bastiches that never learned that walking in the woods with a bow or black powder rifle is called hunting, come thumping thru 5 times a day, doing laps with their camo, a weeks supply of crap, and a shotgun perched on the bars and park under my treestand.... I wait till they get all theri crap off the K-Wad before I yell "Hey, F-Wad.... you blowing my hunt....", so they ride 100 feet away, and park, and go walking for 20 minutes before repeating the cycle....
I tell ya, I been getting pretty good hitting them tires with the SILENT arrow from a tree stand at 65 yards before exiting the area....after retrieving the evidence....yah push that sucka outta the woods with 2 flat tires....
I have found the same piece o crap sitting a week later, still had 2 flats, because the knob had to walk out of the woods a half mile (awwwwwwww) and decided that they didn't want to return the same day because it was "too far to walk with the heavy patch kit"...bwaaaa hawwwww.
Walked by the a-hole when he was fixing it on my stalk that weekend, and when I asked him what happened, and he sarted ranting, i just told him "well, I guess you pissed somebody off.... back in here, you're lucky they just shot your tire...." "by the way, you DO know this 500 acres is PRIVATE property dontcha?".....sumpin' bout the .445 Supermag on my side, and the Scoped .50 Cal I was carrying that day might have made the reason I didn't see him in there again....
"So many interlopers, so little time, and so few arrows..."

oh, and they are one of the major reasons Aylett Kwashed the proposed MX and bike track that would have given a place for people to ride out here in K/W... cause the folks in the area were basing opinions on the noise, and riding habits on the A-Holes living in the area currently ruining it with their Quads.... not the dual sport riders....
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