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More progress! The CB160 is starting to look like a motorcycle again, instead of just a pile of parts. Over the weekend I cleaned up the fork clamps, forks, and rear shocks. I finished stripping the old paint off the frame & fork lowers. I had not intended to do a bare-metal respray on this bike, as I intend it as a daily rider, but I was forced. When I started sanding, I found that there were three layers of paint on most of the bike: original white, later green, then black. The black was very poorly done rattle-can work. I envisioned riding the bike, and finding small rock chips all over that exposed the green or white paint below. I can't stomach the look of obvious poor paintwork, or many layers exposed in a paint chip, so I've been taking most parts down to bare metal.

After some re-assembly work today, here's the current state of the bike:

Darn camera is too good. Now I'm wishing I had dusted off the frame before I took the photos!
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