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Originally Posted by BAGSTR
21 months seems short lived to me...
It sure seems short when you are the one buying the batterie$.

In equipment that sits a lot of the time like farm trucks, earthmoving machinery and recreational vehicles, average battery life is about 18 months. In a rig that is used frequently but has fairly heavy battery use while in operation, such as my Yukon with electric everything, 24 to 30 months seems average.

Guys who keep float chargers on their bikes All The Time report 60 month battery life as common.

I am a convert. I bought float chargers for everything I have. I am even going to install one on my Yukon as it sits when it is not raining.

I don't know if you can get 60 months out of a battery in a 950/990 even if there is a float charger on it all the time, but I bet it lasts a lot longer than 24 months. I am going to give it a try and will report back to this thread in 60 months
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