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Originally Posted by kwn306
New F 650 motor is made in China, that comes from my local BMW dealer, that killed the sale for the wife. She won't buy anything from China, she's looking at a DR and KLR now. Probably have one or the other by the 1st of the year.
While I certainly support your wife "boycotting" Chinese goods, I would suggest she check her closets, underwear draw, shoes, kitchen pots and pans, coffee maker, toaster, and on an on .... or anything bought at Wal-Mart (who I boycott! for their strident anti-union stance)
I'd bet most are Chinese sourced items, despite the Euro or American name on the label. Check the
"Made IN ..... " part. Are we fed up yet? Ready to actually take action against this? Don't bet on it. Americans are very short sighted, selfish and most of all
stupid. (proven by the fact that middle class American elected Bush .... twice. and now look where we are! )

Also, the DR650 is still made in Japan but keep in mind, Suzuki has long had facilities in Korea and China. All Suzuki cars are made in Korea and lots of other Suzuki stuff is made in China. I love my DR650 and had two Vstroms (Chinese made plastics!) but fact remains, ALL the big four have been in China quite a while, and not just China, but elsewhere in Asia and other regions. They are all world companies now. Only way to survive. GM have been in China over ten years too BTW.

Fact is, BMW are very late to this migration ... to their loss.

BTW, Kawasaki has had a plant in Thailand for over ten years now. ALL KLR's are built there .... motors, frames ... the works.

Honda has also had a Thai plant for over ten years (lots of smaller, Asia market bikes built there, none come to USA) .... and Triumph have been there now since 2000.
Beautiful stuff coming off the Triumph line .... I saw it all being unpacked when visiting the Triumph UK factory in Britain in 2003.

Changing world now.
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