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R80ST gets the GS Treatment

NOTE: 8/28/12 This is an old thread covering two very different rebuilds of the same bike. The first leading up to a trip to South America, the second to make all the changes that trip made me realize that I want. The HPN stuff starts with the teardown of my bike after my south america trip on page 28. [/note]

Well, it's been quite a while since I've written anything about my ride in a thread of my own. I've mainly been polluting all of your threads with my dumb questions and requests for measurements. Anyway, as payment for the help and wisdom I've received on credit, I figure I owe the inmates some photos plus interest. It was about a year ago this week that this bike was bestowed upon me after lying dormant for about 20 years with 2051 miles on it. Since then it's had a thorough going through and breaking in (and a little breaking). It's gone 15k miles all over the northwestern corner of this continent (washington, oregon, nevada, BC, Yukon, Alaska) and is currently being ruggedized for a run down to south america and back with a couple of other airheads next winter. A note to the purists: all original parts have been lovingly packed up and stored. No permanent modifications have been made. No STs were PERMANENTLY harmed in the making of these photos.

Since I've had it I've done the following:
  • R100GS tank (couldn't have done alaska without that)
  • jesse bags (returned them after Alaska. Yuck.)
  • broke the stock subframe and replaced it with an r100gs subframe
  • r100gs rear fender (didn't want to modify my original to work with the new subframe)
  • r100gspd solo seat and rack
  • Fiam dual horns with relay. BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEP!
  • broke the stock rear shock, replaced it with a YSS (great so far)
  • enduralast alternator (does its job fine so far, need to clean up my install a bit though)
  • R100GS sump
  • twinheadlight ernie bashplate and centerstand plate
  • DR650 front end w/ 19" wheel (thanks to solo for use of his ed korn puller. might get replaced with R100GS forks and 21" wheel which I found VERY cheap)
  • Trailtech Vapor computer (haven't got it wired cleanly yet as I'm still waiting for a couple of bits and pieces)
  • PIAA 510 aux lights (great, but the "super white" bulbs are too blue - a little too ricerocket for my taste. Maybe I should get a big spoiler, a loud muffler and a bunch of "powered by ___" and pissing calvin stickers too)
  • LED semi-truck taillight. Best $10 mod I can think of. Period.
  • Baja Designs sol-tec headlight (jury's still out on this beast. the beam is a little too tight for road use, but maybe I'll get used to it)
  • R100GSPD plastic tank. (wasn't expecting this one to fall in my lap, but that's what happens when you find your friend an HPN tank for $500. Anyone need a red R100GS tank?)
  • Touratech pannier mounts (much nicer than the jesse mounts, but need a little tweaking to fit as my right side passenger peg isn't located in quite the same spot as it would be on a R100GS)
  • Happy Trail bags (on their way, shipped today)
Yet to do:
  • Get a front brakeline made to go from a bmw master cylinder to a dr650 caliper
  • Clean up my wiring (both my Vapor and Enduralast install jobs aren't as clean as they should be)
  • possibly swap out my front end again for an R100GS front end. Anyone who rides both have a reason why I should go with one over the other? (anyone want a deal on a dr650 front end?)
  • pull my speedo cable and replace with an aluminum breather cap w/ snorkel tube
  • snorkelize my final drive breather too
  • replace my pushrod seals (one's leaking now and I might as well do the rest while I'm at it)
  • check my timing chain tensioner and possibly replace my timing chain. I'm getting some weird clicking up front and a jumpy timing mark under a timing light after warmed up (how much jumping is normal?)
  • Replace my centerstand and sidestand with something longer. Right now my centerstand will hold the bike vertical, but won't get either wheel off the ground. If I need to change a flat I'll need to find some sticks/rocks to stack under my centerstand first.
Any input is welcome. I'm always looking for recommendations or not so obvious tips and tricks. The next major thing I'm looking at is bombproofing the ignition system and I haven't figured out which way to go on this yet. I kind of like datchew's points-in-a-can retrofit. Any other options to look at? I can always just buy a spare coil, ecu and bean can and pack them. Anyway, as promised, here is a year in the life of an ST and its slow transformation into something entirely different. Enjoy.

As picked up:

Bigger tank and luggage:

Dry run:

For Alaska:

Then came an R100GS subframe, solo seat, and rack:

Then the truck taillight, PIAAs and enduralast:

then a DR650 front end, baja light, fender and GSPD tank:

Now the touratech racks and Vapor computer (she's getting close):

R80ST Gets The HPN Treatment
Seattle to TDF on an airhead

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