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man does that sound familiar. We've about got the same bike! That grey powder covering your bikes looks pretty dang familiar too! Good looking bike. My opinion may not be worth much, but I think you've done a good job choosing your upgrades.

I'm looking for a more permanent solution for the speedo plug too. Maybe Nathan at Boxerworks will have some suggestions, he's got a lathe and can make some fancy stuff. I'll post something whenever I figure it ou. I'll be running my negative down to the bottom right tranny mount bolt. I saw a post from Stephen Botcher that recommended it to help charging. He said to run #8 wire to that tranny bolt and to the frame. He also recommended another wire for the diode board but neither of us have those anymore.

I don't blame you about the Jesse's. Mine are getting on my nerves. The opening's too dang small, but I don't think I'll change them out. Too much money in this bike already. I really like how narrow the back of my bike is compared to what I've seen on other setups though. Always a tradeoff.

What's got you looking at a r100 front end over the DR? I would definitely prefer a 21" rim over a 19". Not just for the rocks, it's really easy to find 90/90-21s for cheap. There's a big craze going on in mountain bikes(the kind you pedal) right now with 29" rims versus the standard 26" rims. It's supposed to make a huge difference by lowering the 'angle of attack' where your tire hits stuff.

Have you gotten your tach on the TrailTech Vapor to work well? My jumps all over the place and I've changed the loops from 4 all the way up to 12. I'll call tech support if I can't get it straightened out.
The engine temp only goes up to 400 and my operating will likely be almost that when it hits 100 degrees out. The ambient temp is always way off. I'm not overly impressed by the Vapor. If it did what it says it does it'd be awesome.

Nathan said the stock electronic ignition is really good(don't know if that ST has it or not). He has the Omega charging system on his GS and so he could mount up the Omega ignition that goes straight on the crank...but he doesn't. Rick at Motorrad Elektrik said he runs points in a can with a Dyna booster going to two separate single output 6V coils. He said the booster means there's not much load going through the points so they last forever. The separate coils MAY give a better spark and it's been in older BMWs forever so it's tried and true. He put it in 4 years ago and it hasn't needed adjusted yet.

I'm interested in hearing about the trip though. Where are you planning on going in South America? From Washington you must be looking at 20,000 miles or more to hit all the countries.
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