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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
I'm looking for a more permanent solution for the speedo plug too. Maybe Nathan at Boxerworks will have some suggestions, he's got a lathe and can make some fancy stuff..
hmmmm. You mean something like this?

There are a few places you can buy them out of Germany. They run about $20.

Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
What's got you looking at a r100 front end over the DR? I would definitely prefer a 21" rim over a 19". Not just for the rocks, it's really easy to find 90/90-21s for cheap.
I don't really like the way the axle is fixed to the DR forks. Those 4 light threaded studs have been known to fail and they aren't something that I would want to snap in the middle of nowhere. I've read reports of them pulling out of the fork bottom cap when overtightened taking a chuck of aluminum with them. Not good. In comparison the r100GS forks have an axle and mounts that are grotesquely overengineered. In addition to this there's just something nice about keeping the bike all BMW. Not so "unholy" of a union, I guess. Also, I DO plan on running a 21" wheel on this thing. The 19" was a vain attempt at limiting the height of the front end. I agree the 21" wheel will result in a much lower angle of attack and less harsh ride in the choppy stuff as well as cheaper and more readily available tires anywhere in the world.

Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
Have you gotten your tach on the TrailTech Vapor to work well? My jumps all over the place and I've changed the loops from 4 all the way up to 12. I'll call tech support if I can't get it straightened out.
The engine temp only goes up to 400 and my operating will likely be almost that when it hits 100 degrees out.
I also had trouble getting my tach to work when I wrapped the sensor wire. No amount of wraps would get a good reading so I eventually just went with the other installation option which is to hardwire it to the coil. That worked great. There's a little lag between revving the engine and the response on the screen, but then again, these aren't the fastest bikes in the stable and don't rocket through the revs before you know to shift.

As far as the temp sensor goes, I'm not sure which one you have. I have the oil drainplug temp sensor and haven't installed it yet. I don't think my oil will get up to 400 degrees though. I think it tops out under 300 under normal conditions. Maybe you have the sensor that replaces the sparkplug washer. I can see a dry part of the head getting over 400.

Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
I'm interested in hearing about the trip though. Where are you planning on going in South America? From Washington you must be looking at 20,000 miles or more to hit all the countries.
Yeah the plan is to ride from seattle to tierra del fuego and back. ~6 months, 25,000 miles, not exactly sure which countries. I'm travelling with two other guys, both on r100GSPDs. We're going super low-tech. No GPS, no cellphones, no computers. Just a map and compass. Hell, maybe even a sextant. That'd be sweet. We'll be leaving september '09. Maybe we'll see you on the road.
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