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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
Have you gotten your tach on the TrailTech Vapor to work well? My jumps all over the place and I've changed the loops from 4 all the way up to 12. I'll call tech support if I can't get it straightened out.
The engine temp only goes up to 400 and my operating will likely be almost that when it hits 100 degrees out. The ambient temp is always way off. I'm not overly impressed by the Vapor. If it did what it says it does it'd be awesome.
Similar problems here at first. Call Trailtech to get a rpm sensor cable with the resistor integrated -> rock solid rpm display! I am using the 14mm spark plug adapter for engine temps and it is working stable. Since it really measures surface temperature of the cylinderhead it can't be an absolute measurement, more relative. I used deg C and it usually sit around 140C, which probably equates to around 90C-95C oil temp. I have set 180C as warning temp.

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