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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler
Here's the exact tail light that I used.

The website also shows an inline flasher module you can wire up if you really feel like hurting some eyes.

The light was $10.99 at a truck supply store down in the industrial district. The autoparts stores usually want about $30 for them though. You can probably find one online with the model number. I just shrinktubed the leads running to it, stuff the wires through the grommet (tight fit) in my stock taillight housing and hooked it up to the leads on the bulb holder with some piggyback spade connectors. It took all of 30 minutes and hurts your eyes when standing close behind. Also, these things are REALLY waterproof - as in submersible - so that they can be used on boat trailers that get backed into the water. I just used a couple of zipties to attach it onto the rubber turn signal stalks. It doesn't look nearly as ghetto as it sounds.
Thanks a bunch. That looks like the ticket right their. Cheap and waterproof.
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