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After reading your's and Tricepilots RR, I will never feel adequate again. You guys really have a gift with the camera and the pen. On my way through Central America, I found the same areas of "propina" as did you. In Honduras on the Panamerican Hwy, I was hassled by a military stop and told that it was illegal to have my headlight on during the day. The fine started at $60. After much discussion, we settled on $5. I was surprised to see the guy in charge actually accept the money in front of all his men. They forced me to stay until I relented, then they were my best friends and wanted to talk about the bike. I found Panama to be one stop after another with the guys and their radar. I was stopped at least six times in one day, but only felt I needed to pay $5 once.

Thanks for sharing your trip, I read it from the beginning and am looking for more.
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