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you mean like this:

Wasn't too bad. I used a sawzall with fine toothed blade and then a dremel with cut-off wheel(s). I washed tank out afterwards with lots of water followed by a bottle of rubbing alcohol, then left it in hot sun.


Originally Posted by Renner
I have the same tank and have been considering cutting out the filler-flapper assembly... wondering what technique others have used... sawzall and the like

At this time I'm thinking a good tank flushing followed by stuffing a rag inside, inverting the tank and going at the seam with a die grinder.... maybe even running air in at the petcock bungs. I may be the Count of Over-Kill.

I'm concerned about, and want to minimize metal fragments getting in the tank, though I'll be cleaning and prepping it for POR15 afterwards.

I have no intention to make a bomb of this operation.

So, how have others hacked this appendix out?

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