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What is it with the "hunters" in VA? I grew up in the UP and hunted everything and anything. If it moved we tried to kill it with whatever was available (guns, blackpowder, shotguns, rifles, pistols, spears, etc.) . We sat in duck blinds, deer stands, etc, etc, etc. Usually for several hours in freezing cold, snow or rain.

Here in VA "hunting" seems to consist of parking your big stoopid truck on side of the road and sitting in it while your dogs walk up and down the middle of the road. The dogs walk right out in front of you and seem to give you a dirty look that you're in their way.

Are they looking for road kill deer? Why the middle of the road? Shouldn't they be off in the woods? What is the purpose of the "hunters" sitting in the trucks? Are they waiting for a deer to come up and ask for a beer?

I have no idea what they're doing and why they have dogs.

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