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Originally Posted by gefr
To shortcut the rear brake sensor, the existing ABS switch could be used instead of using the flash switch. Cheers.
Using the stock switch sucks.

When riding in dirt you have to remember to deactivate the ABS every time you shut the bike off. If you forget then you have to stop and do it. So if for instance you stall the bike in an awkward position then you need yet another hand to turn the @#$%ing ABS back off and if you forget it will soon remind you on the next descent as you won't have any brakes.

With the flash switch mod you can deactivate the ABS any time moving or not and you don't need to move your hand off the bars to do it.

I've had mine disabled since last June and haven't missed it. So I've got it on my winter maintenance list to remove the ABS completely. IMHO that's 15 pounds worth of shit I don't need on a dirtbike.
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