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don't get me started....dogs need to be in the house...

next time hit the poor dog, put him outta his misery....these bubba's round here surround 200 acres, sit in the truck 400 yards from the woods, then they leave and stand around the local store swapping lies with a radio antenna.... I passed these guys today doing this, and a mile down the road saw one of the dogs... it ran like a turpentined cat to the road when it heard me coming, then it realized it wasn't his ride, and strolled back towards the woods, 200 yards away, dejected. Just F'ing cruel.
I have seen released dogs with collars for 6 consecutive weekends on my private 500 acre hunting land behind Scotchtown, and on the sixth week, after seeing this emmaciated skeletin that hadn't seen it's owner (radio collar still in place and blinking) I tossed a 50 pound bag of Purina dog chow on the ground, cut a slit in it, and watched this poor sould eat for 20 minutes, all the while he was $#!++ing water....sit in the truck and "glass' for deer.... at 200 yards... my aching ass....mind you, the Commonwealth made it even more rediculous by mandating Shotguns with BUCkSHOT (no slugs allowed..)be used for a humane? kill... assinine. Oh but wait, you can hunt with a RIFLE in Henrico county (parts of it...) but I can't use the same in the fringes of hanover.... gimme a break.
I hunt on foot, or in a tree, using Bow, Blackpowder, and Pistol....
been doing it for 40 years that way... and I know hunting... it's different from sittin. These guys are complete pu$$ies...huntin my ass.
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