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Yep that's right, the metal washer sits flush against the bore part from memory, as a result not much grease came out that side (blocked by the washer). Lots came out the inboard side where it abuts the spacer bushing in the wheel bearing. Was remembering the wheel bearings on my DR-Z(?), they spewed the grease into the gap between the bearing and the seal (single-sided sealed bearings, packed from the open inboard side).

My sprocket bearing was out, seals off both sides, and very thoroughly packed with grease from either side. ie pretty much packed full, just to see what would happen knowing the bearing was already toast and about to be replaced.

Some beer-coaster maths: 100km/h on a wheel around (ha ha) 2000mm diameter = roughly 800 rpm... about 1/10th to 1/15th the rating on the bearings. Speed in itself is unlikely to overload the bearing. Over-heating from too much grease? At best, it'll just make a mess and waste grease.

The wheel bearings on my Triumph Trophy covered 175,000km in 12 years, without being touched, and are still going. Quite a bit of dirt roads, lots of riding in the rain, no jet-wash and almost no water crossings (some flooded roads, but that was in torrential rain so the bearings were probably water-cooled before being immersed in the floodway). This adventuring lark is much harder on machinery...
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